Who Are We When We Are Our Authentic Selves?

We are loving, creative whole beings with gifts to give and share with the whole world as the world gently opens its arms to receive all we have to offer and all we can become.

We play, we laugh, we bond, and we enjoy living. We care about other human beings and their feelings, and other human beings care about us and our feelings. We aim not to hurt one another. We aim to help one another, and help one another heal where there is hurt or woundedness.

All people have been limited in various ways by the experience of race and racism. What we wish for, however, is freedom, flexibility, and the right to be happy as we truly are. We may give up being who others want us to pretend to be, and find out who we truly are and what we truly want, without racial labels. As we embrace this calling, society will change deeply, substantially, and truly.